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Seraphina’s Story: How Sophie's Legacy Supports Hospital Families

Updated: May 5

In the blink of an eye, a routine day can take an unexpected turn, potentially leading to a sudden hospital visit with little more than what you're wearing. Perhaps it's a trip to the GP that swiftly escalates, or a day out with your child that turns into an emergency. Unfortunately, many families find themselves in these daunting situations without the means to prepare themselves for a hospital stay. This is where our vital support becomes indispensable.


From essential toiletries to clothing such as food, pyjamas and underwear, Sophie’s Legacy ensures that families have the necessities they need. We even cover the cost of parking for those who can't afford it and offer vouchers for meals from nearby establishments. Our goal is clear: to ease the stresses and anxieties that accompany a hospital visit, allowing parents to focus on caring for their child without distraction. Since our inception, we have supported thousands of families during their hospital stays.

Take five-month-old Seraphina who was admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, with breathing difficulties. Seraphina’s mum, Heidi, describes how she felt in that moment, ‘Going into hospital as an emergency on that Sunday evening was so frightening, highly stressful and very emotional. While running around the house at the last minute, grabbing all of the essential items for her, I managed to scramble up some basic items for me that were near.’

In the stress of the situation, Heidi misplaced her bag. When about to get into bed fully dressed, one of the nurses handed Heidi one of Sophie’s Legacy’s parent packs and some pyjamas. Heidi states that, ‘When it’s you and you’re desperately going through something, it’s the most grateful feeling to receive. In those moments, I can’t say how grateful I was……I felt stronger and that I wasn’t alone’. Heidi was also able to access much-needed food provided by Sophie’s Legacy and highlighted the difficult task of trying to balance care for both the child and parent in hospital as well as those children left at home, ‘The food for parents was a lifeline. Robin stacked me up with as many snacks and things as possible; I was lucky and didn’t need to take what I didn’t need. However, juggling the other little ones it was hard for him to get to me. On these occasions, I was more than grateful I could eat and stay with Seraphina. Being fed made all the difference. And knowing other parents were being fed nutritious lovely food was heartwarming to know. Hearing Sophie’s Legacy trolley with lovely volunteers coming by felt reassuring and comforting, lovely to see their smiling faces.’


Thankfully Seraphina has recovered and is safely back at home with her family. But, stories such as hers are why we do what we do. What is clear though, is that we couldn’t continue to do this without all of you who contribute to Sophie's Legacy, whether through fundraising, volunteering, or spreading awareness of our cause and for that we are incredibly grateful.


With your support, we can continue to extend this vital assistance to countless more families in need. If you are interested in formal or ad hoc volunteering opportunities, please get in touch at for more information. Or have a look at our events page for information about what’s coming up. We have something for everyone 😊

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