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Partnering for Impact: The Eight Foundation makes a positive impact with Sophie's Legacy

At Sophie's Legacy, we rely one hundred percent, on donations. That's why the support that we receive from The Eight Foundation is so vitally important in ensuring that we can continue to support our families in need.

The Eight Foundation sponsors our Parent's Packs. These packs, which contain basic essentials such as snacks, drink, and toiletries, are provided to parents whose children are admitted to hospital, often in emergency circumstances and have proved to be a godsend for parents.

Recently, The Eight Foundation visited Sophie's Legacy HQ to talk about the charity, and see firsthand the impact that their support was having. In particular for the Adike family for whom the Foundation went above and beyond!

The Adike family's story is truly heartwarming, and the impact made by Sophie's Legacy and the Eight Foundation has been life changing. To learn more, just click on the image.

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