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Reflections on Mother's Day after loss.

As we approach Mother's Day, Charlotte reflects on how it feels to have lost a child:

'With mothers day it can be a very difficult day for so many. From those wishing to be a mum, those whose mum is no longer here or for those mums who have lost a child.

I remember being in Southampton hospital on Mothers day 2021 with a very poorly Sophie. I felt torn and desperate to be with all my daughters but because of covid only one parent was allowed in and no siblings.  Sophie really wanted to make it a special day for me as did Lucy and Amelia.  I did manage to escape the hospital for a couple of hours to spend some time with Lucy and Amelia. Little did I know it was the last Mothers day I would have with Sophie alive. Now each year it is filled with sadness knowing she's not here.

It's utterly painful and I know people say I still have Lucy and Amelia. I think it's easy to judge when you aren't living this nightmare.  My mother's day is now spent with Lucy and Amelia delivering gifts to all the mums in hospital. This will be the third year of doing it and it makes the day a lot easier. Knowing we can give back to others is important to me.

Make the most of the time we have with our children,  our mums etc as it can change in an instant'.

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