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Improvements to food for children in hospital

Sophie described hospital food as disgusting, and this is from a girl who loved her food! We found that food wasn’t always child friendly or given at times when Sophie wanted to eat. There were times when Sophie would be vomiting, and her meal would be brought in. There was set times to serve meals, and this couldn’t be moved. When Sophie felt like eating – often late at night everything was closed. Sophie started to refuse to eat any hospital food offered and would often only eat when discharged.


Sophie wanted food improved for children in all hospitals. We have found out that the food given to patients in Portsmouth and Southampton hospitals comes from Wales and heated up before being given to patients.


We are currently working with the Chief Nursing Officer and her team in the NHS along with Phil Shelley (NHS Food Review) to try and implement changes. Trying to change the quality and standard of food within the NHS is no mean feat. We would like to see the range and options of food offered to children changed so they can eat foods they would like when in hospital.


I am attending the National Catering Conference in Birmingham on 20th and 21st April where representatives from all the hospitals in the country will hear Sophie’s story and her wishes for change.

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