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Ways to help

We have quite a lot of people asking us what they can do to help. Here are some ideas:


1. Write to your MP demanding for changes to childhood cancer including creating a childhood cancer mission

2. Donate food or toiletries to one of our collection points

3. Raise money for us to continue our work

4. Do something for others – Sophie was all about being kind and thinking of others

5. Share the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer and know it isn’t rare!

6. Donate blood or platelets – so many children and adults going through cancer need these to survive

7. Fund a Friday/Saturday night dinner for one of the wards which we organise

8. September is childhood cancer awareness month – Go Gold which is the colour for childhood cancer.

9. Donate brand new toys/arts and crafts to the children’s wards – contact them to ask what they need – they often have an Amazon wish list.

10. Be positive and write your bucket list – don’t wait to be told your dying to achieve it.