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Join us to cycle 'Seven for Sophie'

At Sophie's Legacy, we firmly believe that children thrive when their parents are well-supported. By promoting the well-being of parents, we directly contribute to the overall welfare of children in our society. However, we can’t achieve this without your support. That’s why on Thursday, 20 June 2024, Sophie’s Legacy will host a fantastic cycling team challenge to raise money to feed parents.


The Seven for Sophie ride is a specialist team cycling challenge. For a maximum of thirty teams, comprised of up to six riders, the event will comprise a 300km endurance ride, passing seven of the hospitals that we support. You can tackle the entire challenge yourself or participate as part of a relay team, with family, friends, or colleagues.


Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis, and all we ask is that your team makes an initial deposit of £200 and pledges to raise £800. In return, you’ll receive a Sophie’s Legacy T-shirt and the support of our Sophie’s Legacy team during and after the ride. And if you don’t fancy this, no problem! We are planning a virtual bike ride with details to follow.

All money raised will go towards feeding parents in hospital. But why does it matter?


Currently, only 20% of hospitals across England and Wales provide meals for parents admitted with their children, creating a significant burden, particularly for those unable to leave their child's bedside. This issue is exacerbated for families facing financial struggles, especially when living separately from their main household, amidst a cost-of-living crisis.


Here at Sophie’s Legacy, we recognise the vital role nutrition plays in maintaining both physical and emotional well-being. Access to food and drink is not just a comfort but a fundamental necessity for survival, especially for parents navigating the stress of having a child in the hospital.


By ensuring parents' basic needs are met and stress levels are reduced, parents are empowered to actively participate in their child’s care and engage more effectively with medical professionals, which leads to decision-better decision making about treatment options and plans. Ultimately, this empowerment translates into better outcomes for the child and enhances parents' sense of control during a challenging time.


But Sophie's Legacy is not merely advocating for change; we're actively involved in implementing solutions. Not only do we provide food for parents in the eleven hospitals that we support in the south of England, but through collaboration with government bodies and the NHS, we are driving forward initiatives to prioritise parental nutrition within hospitals throughout England.


In 2023, Sophie’s Legacy initiated the rollout of an eight to twelve-week pilot program, funded through the Children’s Hospital Alliance. Participating children’s hospitals included Great Ormond Street, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, and Southampton. The program proved to be successful, shedding light on the necessity of providing meals for parents and demonstrating the positive impact it has on the entire family, ultimately enhancing the hospital experience. Following the conclusion of the pilot program, several hospitals opted to continue feeding parents and even initiated additional initiatives to promote this practice. One such initiative is the Ready Meals Project in Sheffield, a collaborative effort between Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Food Works Sheffield. This innovative project involves stocking freezers in each ward with locally sourced, sustainably produced ready meals, and is already seen to be making a meaningful impact on families in Sheffield.


Sophie’s Legacy’s goal is to scale this type of initiative nationwide, ensuring that no parent must go without proper nutrition while supporting their child in the hospital. We need your help to do this.


So, join us to #pedalforparents because #everymileisameal


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