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Sophie’s Legacy - Partnership With Scrap Car Comparison

Sophie’s Legacy - Partnership With Scrap Car Comparison

Sophie’s Legacy is thrilled to announce that this August, we will be teaming up with Scrap Car Comparison as their ‘Charity of the Month’ to help raise money for Sophie’s cause.

If your car has seen better days or if you want to help the planet and make life a little bit greener for future generations, recycling your vehicle with Scrap Car Comparison can make a big difference to the lives of children and families living with serious illnesses, too.

When you scrap your car with Scrap Car Comparison this August, you can choose to donate some or all of the payment you receive to Sophie’s cause and help her legacy grow. The charity hopes to bring comfort to hospitalised children, and their families, and whether you drive a Mini or a Mercedes, every penny helps.

Sophie’s Legacy is a charity that’s close to the heart of Scrap Car Comparison’s wonderful Talent Manager, who felt that providing comfort, security and happiness to those at their lowest point is something that everybody can get behind. Helping Sophie’s Legacy means helping others in their time of need.

Not looking to scrap your car so soon? Sophie’s Legacy will be an ongoing charity partner of Scrap Car Comparison, so when it is time for a new car, you can choose to donate your profits and bring us closer to achieving Sophie’s goals.

To find out more about our partnership with Scrap Car Comparison, head over to the Donate A Car scheme page on their website.

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